13,14,15 SEPTEMBER 2023
Bombay Exhibition Center, NESCO, Mumbai

Waste Management market in India is expected to reach US$13.62 billion by 2025. Major waste sections such as Municipal solid waste management market, e-Waste market and bio-medical waste are expected to grow at CAGR of 7.14%, 10.03% and 8.14% respectively, making India an attractive investment destination for waste recycling technologies.

Waste, be it solid or liquid, municipal, electronic, medical, industrial, food or material, has been a prime concern to India. There are innovative techniques to treat these varied forms of wastes like waste to energy technologies, vermicomposting, bioremediation, etc. However, with the relevant regulations, guidelines and procedures in place, there is an increased need for specific waste solutions right from collection, sorting, processing, treating, converting, recycling and reusing.

Following the Waste Technology India Expo 2016, which concluded on a high note, the 2nd edition will provide a common platform for end users to seek waste solutions and meet with solution providers, stakeholders, waste recyclers, dealers, retailers and local authorities.