13,14,15 SEPTEMBER 2023
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About WTERT – India

WTERT-India was established in 2011 by Memorandum of Understanding between CSIR-National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) and Earth Engineering Center (EEC) of Columbia University, New York and represents India in a Global WTERT-Council (GWC). The mission of GWC is to identify the best available technologies for the treatment of various waste materials, research activities and disseminate the information by means of publications. The guiding principle of WTERT-India is to have an effective waste management system, providing cost effective solutions and assisting industries and government agencies in implementing technologies to reduce the public health impacts due to improper solid waste management and also to increase the recovery of materials and energy from waste by means of recycling, composting, convert waste to energy and landfill gas utilization. The activities include periodic meetings, brainstorming sessions, bring together industries, Government and academia and to take important decisions related to solid waste management in relation to public health and the environment.


About Ramaiah University

Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences (RUAS) is established with a vision to be known as Modern, Innovation-Intensive University where the University continuously interacts with the Industry, Business Communities and Government Organizations.


The faculties that encompass the University are – Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Art and Design, Management and Commerce, Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Biological and Life Sciences, Pharmacy, Dental Sciences, Hospitality Management and Catering Technology. All the Faculties offer undergraduate, post graduate and PhD programs. The University has also invested in Advance Design, Simulation, Manufacturing and Testing Facilities, all housed in modern building.

The “Sanitation, Waste Management and Environmental Engineering” (SWMEE) Research Centre is one amongst 21 Research Centers of the university committed to the development of innovative and sustainable technologies.

Clean India Journal, which began its journey in 2005 with the sole vision of being the prime facilitator in creating a clean India, today reaches out to a vast cross section of readers across borders.

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