Whale Enterprise is ready to showcase their new innovation

Whale’s Ail SUV is slated to be a show stopper at Waste Technology India Expo 2022
Whale Enterprise, a subsidiary of British manufacturers, Whale Tankers, is set to launch its latest innovation at the upcoming Waste Technology India Expo 2022 that is to take place on 23-25th February at Noida. The product is called Ail SUV Whale, where Ail stands for ‘All in one’ and SUV represents ‘Sewer Utility Vehicles.’

The Ail SUV is a multipurpose equipment that can be used by all municipal bodies, townships and sewerage boards for their sewer and drain cleaning needs. It is most ideal for scooping out waste from open drains and can de-clog pipes without the need for water supply. All this can be done with this single machine.

Whale Enterprise manufactures tankers, jetting equipment and other unique products, and is committed to ensuring that their operating performance is optimised with the highest safety standard.

Ishitva Robotic Systems leading the way in waste segregation

NETRA Machine Vision Systems is the way forward for automotive systems
Indian waste segregation has a new entrant in its field. Industrial robots driven by NETRA Machine Vision Systems are user interface operation managers that enable clients to control the operations of waste segregation with ease. The system provides insights as well as instruction for sorting and segregating of waste material flowing on any conveyor belt. This process would earlier require human intervention for decision making.

These machines can easily visualise and select the desired materials to be sorted by providing the input to the system. This in turn can identify the desired item off the running conveyor belt and provide instructions to robots to sort, perform, pick or eject the waste into the bins.

The robots can adapt to any harsh environment to perform high speed precise operations, pick and place the recyclable material which can be integrated with any industrial robot. These solution driven mechanisms are the eyes and brain of the industrial robot that can guide the robot to learn, optimise pick and segregate the material.

Clean India Ventures sets the path to a cleaner tomorrow

Compost cleaning is the ideal way to deal with our waste material
Clean India Ventures is one of India’s pioneering compost machine manufacturers. Their product GoClean Composter machines, which were earlier known as GWR are able to process all types of organic waste and convert them into compost at the source of generation. This system which is installed at the source of waste helps to decrease the cost of transporting the waste to landfill sites and saves the need to find a particular location to get the job done.

Abhishek Gupta, Chairman and Managing Director of Clean India Ventures has this to say “2022 looks positive and we are excited to serve our valued clients in the organic waste management sector domain. The upcoming Clean India Show in February 2022 at Greater Noida is being organised at the right time for us to showcase our various advanced and futuristic solutions. We thank the VIS Group for its efforts in bringing alive this expo and look forward to meeting everyone there. We are certain, ‘Hoga Fayda, Chalo Noida!”’

We are proud to welcome Indian Pollution Control Association (IPCA), National Solid Waste Association of India (NSWAI), India Biogas Association (IBA) to the Waste Technology India Expo - India's fast growing integrated exhibition dedicated to municipal, industrial, medical & food waste management solutions

Thank you for collaborating with us in this journey towards creating a cleaner India.

Waste Technology India Expo is scheduled from Feb 23-25, 2022, at India Exposition Mart, Greater Noida. The exhibition will feature the innovative & new waste management & recycling technologies and solutions.

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