Sustainable Practices, Recycling & Circular Economy for a New India

Addressing challenges, sounding solutions and implementing advanced technologies in the shaping of New India, the Waste Management & Technology Conference 2022 will focus on the ULB models in existing and upcoming city spaces, sustainable practices at the macro level and recycling at the micro level.

The Conference will bring together municipal corporations, smart city officials, circular economy experts and waste recycling solution providers, especially plastic waste on to the dais to spell out the successes achieved at the micro level that can be replicated, discuss the policies and its implementation, and look at sustainable options.

Why Participate?
• Discover the latest trends and challenges in waste management across industries.
• Connect with the industry leaders spreading awareness on waste recycling
• Network with more than 200 Decision makers in the waste management field
• A timely opportunity for knowledge exchange among professionals to support the formulation of an efficient sustainable waste management agenda

Who can attend?
• Stakeholders in the waste industry
• Waste Recyclers
• Manufacturing industries & Corporate Houses
• EHS officers
• Smart city Consultants / Departments
• Municipal Corporations Heads
• Waste Solution Providers


SWM: Successful ULB Models, Challenges and way forward (panel discussion)

- Municipal Corporations Heads
- Smart city CEO / Consultants
Will share the successful implementation of specific aspects of waste management at their end and the challenges faced in incorporating sustainable practices in upcoming smart cities

Transforming throwaways and regenerating resources (presentations & panel discussion)

Discussion with experts of circular economy and climate change to eliminate waste and pollution.

Plastic Waste Management: Challenge and Opportunity and EPR Strategies (panel discussion)

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Sponsors & Registration Details

Tulsi Khandelwal

T: +022 6120 4123
M: +91 98928 62274

Shubha Acharya

T: +022 6120 4124
M: +91 93211 28400

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