FEB 13,14,15 2019 | BIEC, MUMBAI

One of the prime objectives of Clean India mission is to put in place effective waste management systems across the country so that waste is segregated at source, processed, recycled and also converted to energy. The last three years have seen Municipal bodies, private agents and solution providers focus more on technology and systems. Waste — be it solid or liquid, municipal, electronic, food or organic needs specific solutions right from the collection point disposal and conversion. Waste Technology India Expo facilitates the coming together of end users, solution providers, stakeholders, waste recyclers, dealers, retailers and local authorities.

Why the Expo

The Government of India’s new Regulations and Directives for waste management covers all aspects: collection, segregation, transportation, storage, operations, and conversion/recycle/reuse. Waste to Energy technology can be successful only if we make right approach for appropriate technology. Therefore, the challenge is to identify solutions for tackling the waste to transform into production of production of electricity, biogas, fuel , cement, compost and production of by-products and its recycle & reuse.

To make the any processes efficient, World over, technologies like IOT, Vehicle Tracking or appropriate apps are deployed for collection and its transports of solid waste. Developments of technology have become challenging and competitive for the processes like combustion, gasification, plasma gasification, pyrolysis and RDF. Today, more than 2000 plants of WTE are in operation globally, treating approximately 250 million tons of waste annually. In addition, recycling, reuse and scientific composting are the other practical options.

Waste Technology India Expo & Conference-2019 will address these facets of waste collection & conversion. Companies operating in Waste Management in India and abroad will showcase their models, business operation strategies and give presentations at this event and several thousand stakeholders shall visit the expo The technical experts working in Waste Management Sector, academicians , research scholars, Government officials and NGO’s shall be participating in the conference.


Currently the Mission of Swachha Bharat Mission is encompassed with health and environment management for our nation. Special Regulations have been issued by Gov. OF India the latest been 2016 Regulation. This demands effective Management of Waste, particularly Municipal Solid and Liquid waste. Municipal Solid Waste possesses the maximum hazards to public health and environment and hence has attained the maximum attention. The technologies listed above have become most competitive and challenging but are the only options for smart waste solutions for a new India. Therefore there is need to present the latest State of Art Technology and a business through this Expo and One Day Conference.

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